Ceramics by Family Trots

Exclusive hand-made ceramics 

Ceramics by Family Trots

Ceramics by Family Trots is a family workshop where we have been producing our unique ceramics since 1997. We experiment with forms and patterns, creating exclusive items that will never be replicated.

Our work is based on the traditional Huzul ceramics making technology that was first applied here in the 18th century (Huzuls are a western Ukrainian ethnic group). Manufacturing process is one of the most complicated: we use two types of clay and each product is baked in the furnace twice.Besides, our product range is not limited to decorative items only. You can use our tableware on a daily basis; put them into an oven, a microwave or a dishwasher.

 Watch a 10-minute video observing nearly a month and a half of our work.

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